Vista El Mar - Additional Information

We offer all courses on a pay as you go basis, so you can spread out your payments. However this must be agreed prior to starting any course. When starting a course all paperwork must be filled out including a medical questionnaire.

We run courses in Fakenham, use the pools at Wells and Fakenham High Schools, occasionally we use the pool at Bircham Newton C.I.T.B.

All equipment is provided for all courses, when we run trips to Malta, Egypt or other destinations, kit can be rented from us at a resonable cost.

When we carry out open water dives to complete courses here in the UK usually we go to Gildenburg Water near Peterborough, or Stony Cove in Leicestershire, the entry to these sites is not covered in the course fees.

It's to be noted that you as a diver should hold individual divers insurance. If you do not have divers insurance we are able to arrange this for you through D.A.N. Europe for a reasonable cost. Please contact us for further details. Only while you are on the basic courses are you insured with the instructor.