Students Trip to Malta at Easter 2008

Starting in November 2007, a group of students from Fakenham College started an Open Water course as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, completing one confined and one academic session a month up to March 2008. Half the group wanted to get the open water dives in as soon as they could so due to it being chilly here I suggested Malta and they jumped at the chance, so Russell Vanhisburgh, Vicky Cole, Aaron Buckley, Michael Creed, Ellie Richards, Stacey Hargrave my dive master and myself went on a quick trip to Malta. We left Fakenham Thursday dinnertime and packed into 2 cars then headed off to Luton to fly to Malta. When we arrived a quick meal was followed rapidly by bed!!

Friday morning picked up by the transport we arrived at Buddies Dive Centre to fill in paperwork, get kitted up and trip off to the dive site at Sirens Bay, here we carried out open water 1 and 2 before arriving back at the dive centre where we washed and sorted the kit ready for the next days diving before meeting up later we all went for a superb meal together to round off a super day.

Day 2 saw us driving off to Ghar Lapsi due to winds preventing us elsewhere. After the briefing we kitted up and headed into the bay, all the students did really well and by the time we left site we had completed the 2 dives required to finish the course. On arrival at the dive ventre we did all the washing out and then after being presented with their P.I.C. cardsand a photo in front of the shop finished the session. After another superb meal that evening it was time on the Sunday to reflect on a really good couple of days and get a bit of sun before leaving Malta that evening.
Finally I would like to say that the prospect of taking 5 eighteen year olds away to a holiday destination was a little daunting, but it was a pleasure to be in their company and their behaviour was impeccable and in today's society its nice to know there are really some responsible young people out there. Congratulations to Ellie, Russell, Aaron, Michael and Vicky.