Nemo 33 - 19th January 2008

We organised a trip on January 19th 2008 to Belgium, where in Brussels they have a tank that is 33m deep and the water is a constant 33 degrees. We set of to the new Eurostar station at Ebsfleet near the Blue Water Shopping Center at 7am by mini bus, There were 14 of us in all 12 diving and 2 spectators, due to illness 3 were unable to come.
When we arived at Ebsfleet the Eurostar took us directly to Brussels taking just 1 hour 40 mins, we jumped in to a fleet of taxis and headed across town to the Nemo33. We checked in carried out our briefings and made up buddy teams and on our call headed up to the locker rooms to change for the tank.
On arriving pool side we had a brief 15 mins or so to allow others out before our turn, we kitted up and headed in to the tank. Due to it being so warm you did not require any shortie or weights. We had 40 mins dive time before we had to leave the water. Afterwards we had a drink in the bar then headed by taxi back to the railway station.
When we eventually all arived there, we grabbed some food before heading once more on to the Eurostar for the journey home. We arrived back in Fakenham about 11.30pm. It was a long day and if we go again which we probably will, this time take Bed and Breakfast overnight as it would make the trip more enjoyable. However eveyone who went enjoyed it and it was another enjoyable experience.